GM Quader urges govt to ensure medical services for all

Expressing disappointment over the “sorry state” of the country’s healthcare system, Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader yesterday said the government’s reluctance in ensuring treatment of people is clear to all.In a statement, Quader, also deputy leader of the opposition, said people are frustrated as they are not getting treatment of coronavirus at the hospitals.The JP chief said the country’s medical system has not improved even after one year since the outbreak of coronavirus.”The government is struggling to cope with the second wave of coronavirus. Infected patients are not getting hospital beds. Severely infected patients are not getting ICU beds even after spending money. And coronavirus treatment has become impossible for the extremely poor,” he also said.”Since March last year, we have been demanding to increase the number of coronavirus tests and to set up ICUs in every district headquarter hospital. We have also advised the government to take necessary measures to ensure oxygen facilities. But the government has not taken any initiative to develop the medical system to save the lives of the common people,” GM Quader also said.The Jatiya Party chairman hoped that the government would quickly improve the country’s medical system and ensure medical services for all.